Following the upcoming election, Reddit has started to become a much favourite spot of breach again by the hackers.

Hundreds of Reddit communities have been targeted via supporters of Donald Trump, with several posts and snap shots flooding the subreddit to promote the president’s re-election campaign

A vary of non-political groups, inclusive of r/weddingplanning, r/NFL, r/TwoSentenceHorror, r/space, r/CreepyPMs, and increased had been targeted, in accordance to a aid submit on Reddit.

There is an ongoing incident with moderator payments being compromised and used to vandalise subreddits,” the publish reads.

“We’re working on locking down the horrific actors and reverting the changes”, the publish continues. Since the assault took place, Reddit has said it is “letting vendors returned into their accounts”.

Reason Stated

“An investigation is underway related to a sequence of vandalised communities. It appears the supply of the attacks have been compromised moderator accounts. We are working to lock down those money owed and restore impacted communities,” Reddit said in a statement

As mentioned by Ars Technical, a Twitter account which moreover viewed to be hacked took responsibility for the breach.

The Continued Scan

The account purchaser claimed that they have been in a role to get admission to the accounts due to the fact of prone passwords, alternatively the account was once suspended before that need to be confirmed.

Reddit also stated that none of the debts compromised had two-factor authentication enabled – which requires users to verify sign-ins by way of a 2nd system or through a textual content message – and which should advocate the Twitter customer was once. “We mixed password stuffing and

social engineering collectively to beat the teenage bitcoin cheater,” the hackers claimed, as stated by Wired. This is curiously a reference to the cutting-edge hacker who managed to take over the debts of many high-profile Twitter users in order to promote a Bitcoin scam.


The sources have also reached out to Twitter for clarification, and to Reddit for greater archives about the intent of the breach. This mass-hack comes after the r/The_Donald subreddit used to be banned through Reddit in June, due to repeated rule-breaking. The regional had nearly 800,000 members

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