World Leading

Cyber Security and

Digital Forensics Company

Amigo Incorporation is a leading Cyber Security Consultancy, Training, and Services Company practice in Ahmedabad, India. At Amigo, we provide advanced security solutions to Individuals, Government Institutions, and Private Sectors.


We aim to provide comprehensive solutions to all the problems faced by our clients. Our world-class Cyber Security Solutions and Training Programs will ensure that you are several steps ahead of criminals and hackers and help you safeguard your existing products and defend your data.



Our Cyber security services

Established in the year 2017, we are a leading provider of Cyber Security Services, Solutions, and Consultation. Our Services include Digital Forensics, Digital Investigation, and Consultation Services. We have a proven record of serving numerous clients through strategic planning and its flawless implementation.

Amigo is connected with 200+ Schools and has trained 10,000+ students, served Government Organizations, and has trained 2000+ police personnel and commandos. We have a clientele of Corporates all over India.



Our T.V. Show

The Hacker’s Show

Amigo started this show with the aim to educate and aware people of Cyber Crimes and ways to prevent them, and in a very short duration the show has reached a million views. The show unravels the Cyber Crime techniques followed by hackers to target people. For a Digital Security passionate or someone who wants to get an extra edge, this hackers show by Amigo is a “Must-Watch.”



We are continuously giving our best to serve and secure the cyber world. With the aim of securing Digital India, we extensively emphasize on educating the common people and the youth of the nation to be able to secure their online identity and protect them from any online fraud.

” Security For Everyone”

Our mission is to develop a Social Secured Network that can protect the confidential data and identity details of businesses, individuals, communities, and organizations. We excessively emphasize exploring new potentials in the industry and help our nation to evolve as a country that is aware of the Cyber World.