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We focus on securing our clients’ valuable information, technology, and networks from the threats that they face. Today, Cyber Threat has emerged out as one of the biggest problems for the growing industries. These threats are not only restricted to the smaller industries but also they are able to breach into the complex networks of already present big companies. One such example is the NHS attack.
Controlling cyber risks has now become as fundamental for the existence of everyday operations and activities, with many organizations looking out ways to become more cyber resilient and cyber resistant.

Our Services

We offer haste-free, straightforward,and to the point advice and consultation services to businesses and individuals.

Online Money Fraud

Paytm, Gpay, NEFT, online transactions, Internet Banking, online money transfer frauds.

Identity Theft

Securing Online Identity and data. Protection against fake IDs and Accounts on Social Media like on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Critical Infrastructure Attack

Corporate Cyber Security assistance, institutional security framework. Data theft prevention methods. Cyber vulnerabilities removal.

Cyber Bullying

Protection against Cyber Evils steps to tackle and destroy fake and morph images. Defense system against Cyber Bullying. Controlling the circulation of fake images on Social Media sites.

E-mail Frauds

Prevention and protection from fake E-mails. Methods to protect from phishing and online E-mail frauds.

Data Recovery

Recovery of deleted or damaged data. Secure storage of confidential data and information.

Fake Websites

Identifying and tracking fake websites, reporting clone websites. Distinguishing between a legit and a fake site.

Data Piracy

Movie piracy, copyright theft, and illegal use of confidential data.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Conducting a Risk Assessment task. Proper Rules and standards for Risk Assessment. Consultation on the full Assessment task.

Cyber Security Risk Management

Developing information security risk management plan,systematic approach to risk management. Consultancy and complete guidance on risk managing development. Managing risk in compliance with international standards.

Why us?

We have framed a comprehensive set of services and services designed to meet the requirements of large multi-nationals, small businesses, and individuals.

Modern & Advanced Tools

We hold industry-recognized qualifications and have experience as well as knowledge of designing security architectures combining cloud and on-premise technologies to enable the business.

Quick Response Team

Our QRT reaches out to the customers and clients very fast. They provide full detailed practical guidance and methods to solve every query. We work until the last question is given an answer.

Effective Risk Management

We have qualified ISO Lead auditors who can work with you to achieve certification for your business.

Advice You Can Trust

We are approved with all the top Institutions and are partnered with some of the best Cyber Security companies. Now when you choose to work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that we practice what we preach.

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We have a team of experts working with us. They are equipped with advanced system support and deep field knowledge.