Cyber Forensic Expert

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Cyber Forensic Expert

Cyber Forensic is the fastest growing sector in the cyber security industry. Cyber Forensic experts get a potential to examine evidence during an investigation, including data that’s been damaged, deleted or encrypted.
Cyber Forensic experts could be used to search for data such as e-mail, messages, chats, Web site history, documents, images, and other files on the system.

About The Course

The course has been designed and developed by our experts and digital forensics practitioners. This Cyber Forensic Expert Course will help you get the skills required to become an expert in this industry which is full of adventures. You will learn the ways and approaches to recover data and information retrieve deleted or damaged files and many more.

Scope & Career

  • Forensic Cyber Examiner
  • Cyber Forensics Analyst
  • Cyber Forensics Investigator
  • Cyber Forensics Specialist
  • Cyber Technician
  • Digital Forensics Specialist

Training Modules

  • * Computer forensic in today’s world
  • * Data and Evidence Recovery
  • * Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws
  • * Investigation process and Introduction
  • * Anti forensic Techniques
  • * Understanding Architecture of Operating system
  • *Operating system Forensics
  • *Network forensic and prevention
  • *Mobile Forensic and Prevention
  • *Malware Forensics
  • *IT Audit
  • *Understanding Cyber Law, IT ACT 2000 and cybercrime cases
  • *Cyber Forensic Reporting

Course Benefits & Features

  • *You will aware about Forensic Sciences, Legal Systems, Crime Prevention Techniques, and Investigative Methods etc.
  • *Every individual must have knowledge about Forensic Practices to protect evidences and to help crime investigation process.
  • *Be your own Forensic Crime Investigator in different fields of Forensic Sciences
  • *Improve your Interests, Skills, Techniques and Knowledge
  • *Students can “attend” a course certification at anytime, from anywhere, Because there are no geographic barriers to online learning
  • *This Course guides you through a complete method for Forensic Investigation, Legal Framework and procedures
  • *Placement Support / Assistance in Forensic Laboratories, Investigator, Fraud Examiner, Legal Consultant, Scientific Officers, Research Officers etc.
  • *If you are under graduate, graduate or post graduate in related stream, then this course will give you additional weight age to your basic qualifications.

Key Points

  • Seats: Limited 20 Seats.
  • Course : Cyber Forensic Expert
  • Total Duration : 30 Days
  • Per Day Class Duration : 1 Hr. 30 MINUTES
  • Fee (INR) : 20,000+(GST).
  • No Class On Saturdays and Sundays
  • Assignment and quiz on Alternate Days


  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Laptop ( for testing and performing assignments)

Who Can Be Part Of This Course?

  • IT Professionals
  • Private Investigators
  • Detectives
  • Police Officers
  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers
  • Students and many more

Bonus Takeaways

  • Certificate
  • Job assurance
  • Complete 120 course videos on Cyber Security
  • E-learning access for every enrolled student
  • A counseling team to get you recruited in different companies.

Why learn from us?

We are a team of experts with specialization in Cyber Security. Our renowned team has trained many individuals from Corporate World, Government Departments, and many Students from various Schools and Colleges. We have a base of satisfied learners who are now well-known experts. Now you might have got the idea that we are already a well-established name in this field.

About Amigo

We at Amigo Incorporation, World Leading Cyber Security, and Digital Forensics Company extensively emphasize on educating the common people and the youth of the nation to be able to secure their online identity and protect themselves from any online fraud.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a Social Secured Network that can protect the confidential data and identity details of businesses, individuals, communities, and organizations. We excessively emphasize exploring new potentials in the industry and help our nation to evolve as a country that is aware of the Cyber World.

Our Achievements

We already have a large base of satisfied students and professionals who are taught by our Cyber Security experts. We have been giving our best to make the Cyber world more secure. Our main focus is to educate the youth of our country to bring about a revolution in the Cyber Security World

Here are some of our attainments in the field

10,000+ students trained | Connected with 200+ Schools | 2000+ police personnel trained | T.V. Shows done to educate people at remote places

About the Trainer : Amit Singh

With a computer engineering background, Amit Singh is active in this field for the last 8 years. Amit Singh is a Certified Ethical Hacker from E C Council and a member of APDI ( Association of Private Detectives and Investigators) and WAD ( World Association of Detectives). He runs Cyber Security programs across India and has trained many corporate people, police personnel, students, and also in the defense department. He individually trained 200+ hackers under him and showed them the right path to follow in the Cyber Security Ethical Hacking, Digital forensic, and in the area of Digital Investigation. Recently, he has completed a National Cyber Security Survey.
He was also running a TV show (The Hacker Show) with 13 episodes, viewed by 100 Million people and is creating awareness by connecting with the people.
Join your live classes with  Amit Singh.

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