Amigo is one of the leading cyber-security solution providers and the prime focus of our services is to uplift the education, technology and security standards. This program is developed to spread awareness about the current Cyber-Security trends. The Cyber Police program will educate the police department on the latest Cyber Crime trends and cyber-security challenges. The Cyber Police program will also help the police to understand various types of Cyber Security technologies and modus operandi of the Cyber Criminals.

Amigo is connected with more than 100 Cyber Security experts at different locations all over the country. Amigo is involved in various education and awareness services where we provide training and education in schools, colleges, corporate and various government departments (Gujarat Police). We have professionally experienced experts who are trained in the stream and they will share their knowledge about Cyber Security, Cyber Crime, and its prevention methodologies.

Benefits of this program

This program is directly beneficial to the Gujarat Police Department.
  • It will help to understand various Cyber Security technologies.
  • This program helps police officials to understand the Cyber Crime trends and the potential patterns.
  • Enhance the knowledge about Cyber Security techniques and methods.
  • It helps them to understand Cyber Criminal’s modus operandi.
  • This program enables the investigating officers to identify the root cause and methods of the Cyber Crime incidents.
  • This program helps police officials to decrease the Cyber Crime ratio and enhance the investigation process.

Any official who is serving the police department of the state of Gujarat or has served the same in the past are eligible to take participation in this Program. The module is specifically designed to equip the officials with the digital knowledge and provide them a hands-on experience of dealing with the possible cybercrimes and modus operandi of the criminals.

  • Experience of working on Live Projects and real scenarios
  • Certification from Amigo Incorporation
  • Comprehensive knowledge on the subject of Cyber Crime
  • Latest study materials and tools.