As per the NCRB’s report, there has been a significant increase in the number of cases that are related to the Cyber Crime. The rate of proliferation is alarming and there is a need of having an immediate solution to the problem. This understanding cannot stay limited to the industry experts and the awareness should be omnipresent and there should be an additional emphasis to educate the students who are going to be the future of our nation.

To increase the level of awareness and instil the in-depth knowledge in the young minds of our nation, Amigo came up with a new initiative where we intend to join Schools from all across the country and provide education and awareness on the cyber-security as well as certifying and grooming the schools, students and the faculties in the industry.

Highlights and Benefits of the Cyber School Program

This program is beneficial to the students and the staff members.
  • It will help to secure the school’s information technology infrastructure and it will also assist in exploring the potential solutions needed to prevent and avoid such technical impediments which may create a possibility of making you a victim of the Cyber Crime.
  • Enhancing the skills and knowledge about cyber security’s advanced techniques/ methods and creating an opportunity for students to develop their career in the same field.
  • It helps them to comprehensively understand the cyber criminal’s modus operand.
  • This program will help the students and faculties to get tips to stay safe on the Internet, social media platforms, online shopping, e-banking and mobile platforms
Who can join the Program?
  • Schools – Initially, this program is limited to Ahmedabad schools only
  • Students – Only class 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Students can be part of the program irrespective of their streams.
  • Faculties – All the Faculties can participate and join this program
Why join this Program?
  • For education and awareness on the Cyber Security
  • To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of the Cyber Crime
  • To understand various types of Cyber Crimes and the current trends
  • To groom your IT Knowledge and enhance your exposure
  • Keep yourself updated in the Digital Life
What will you get?
  • Cyber Certified School Certification
  • Cyber Certified Student Certification
  • Cyber Certified Faculty Certification
Modules for this Program
  • Introduction of Cyber Security
  • Social Media and Networking Security
  • Financial Frauds and Digital Payment Security
  • Cyber Laws and Crime Prevention