Mobile forensic systems to ensure that information for forensic examinations, initiated independently or by law enforcement agencies, is correctly seized and copied
Advantages of Amigo forensic examinations
  • We extract the maximum amount of useful information from objects under examination and interpret the collected evidence accurately and comprehensively.
  • We guarantee that the opinions of our forensic specialists will be accepted by courts as adequate evidence for civil, administrative, and criminal proceedings.
  • All the examinations are conducted within the time limits specified when the materials are submitted for analysis.

Collection of digital evidence

Correctly collected and documented digital evidence forms the basis for further investigation or case preparation for court proceedings

Close to 20% of in-house investigations face challenges during interactions with law enforcement agencies due to mistakes in digital evidence gathering and documentation. Amigo’s forensic experts

  • Provide preliminary consultations
  • Promptly visit the incident location
  • Determine the information sources for the evidence
  • Collect and document evidence in compliance with legal requirements
  • Prepare the documentation so that evidence is presented correctly
  • Consult with authorised representatives about measures required to stop the incident