we have an extensive knowledge of criminal schemes ranging from recruiting insiders and developing malicious programs to withdrawing and cashing out money. This enables us to immobilize the attackers before businesses or individuals suffer major damage.

Data theft

Competitive espionage, phishing, intellectual property breach, theft of trade secrets, credentials and other sensitive information.

Information wars

Extortion, reputational damage, defamation, harassment and identity theft.

Critical infrastructure attacks

Attacks on water supply, transport infrastructure, power grids control systems.

Financial crimes

Cryptocurrency theft, online banking, mobile-banking, email fraud, ATMs, card processing, SWIFT, payment gateways.

Flood attacks

Overload of communication channels (emails, phone calls, social messengers).

Malware attacks

Malware creation, proliferation and control, botnets, ransomware and spyware.

Insider attacks

Abuse of authority, competitive espionage, critical infrastructure damaging, data leakage, account takeover.

DoS/DDoS attacks

Competitive and targeted attacks to overload web services and network.

Along with combating advanced cyber crimes we assist law enforcement bodies in investigating criminal cases such as murders, suicides, robberies, kidnapping and others.

What you get after the investigation

Detailed threat actor profile

We explore the anatomy of the attack and threat actor’s infrastructure, identify the mechanisms and recreate the sequence of events.

Professional evidence collection for court

Amigo investigators collect all digital evidence in compliance with legal requirements and prepare required documentation for presenting evidence correctly in court.

Law enforcement consultation

Our investigators has sound knowledge of the relevant law and provide full cycle consultation support to lawyers and different enforcement agencies on every stage of investigation.