Cyber Crime

Incident identification

You will be going to learn about the term "Incident Identification" as a process by which an organization handles a data breach or cybercrimes, including the ways, consequences, or methods of the attack or breach.

Examining Evidence

In this phase, You will learn about the standardized procedures of analysing & extracting data, devices and system to examine the evidence & to understand the actions that took place during the incident or at the crime scene.

Preserve & Acquire  Evidence

In "Cyber Crime Investigation Program", you will learn about complete processes, techniques, methods and ways that contribute to "preserving & acquiring digital evidence" in forensic & crime investigation.


This Program will address complete detailing & information related to data integrity, breach, investigation, etc. collected by CI to assure legal defensibility through the proper chain of custody documentation & report.


A cybersecurity domain that examines the digital evidence involved in cybercrime.

It is essential to prove the evidence legally, that’s why forensics analysis is important. Digital forensics expert offers various services such as securing and seizing digital evidence, extracting and examining evidence, reporting to the concerned authorities, and several others. Professionals are aware of the importance of evidence and not tampering with it.


This Cyber Crime Investigator Course will help you get the skills

required to become an expert in solving crimes that involve digital evidence. You will learn the ways and approaches to secure and seize the evidence, extracting and analyzing evidence, reporting the case, recovering data, conducting preliminary interviews.

  • Cyber Crime Investigator Certificate
  • 100+ Forensic Tools
  • Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation E-books
  • Guidance in case solving
  • Assistance from the forensics experts
  • Starts from: 27th November 2020
  • Total Duration: 3-Days
  • Per Day class duration: 100 Minutes per day
  • Course Fees: 
    • Offline – INR 4999
    • Online – INR  1999


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Laptop 
  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • Your Genius Brain

Who can attend this Course?


Private Detective



Police Personnel

Other Legal Personnel


Digital Forensics Introduction

The introductory module of the training program will explain the forensic perspective of digital devices and computer systems.

Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation

This module of “Fundamental of Crime Scene Investigation” defines basic principles of investigating a crime scene and preserving evidence & motive.

Understanding Investigation Procedure and Crime Scene

This module content of the training will explain how investigation  procedure, analysis, evaluation of the results begins at the crime scene with the recognition and recovery of physical evidence.

First Responder Procedure and Responsibilities

This training module will explain about analysis & responsibilities of first responders to protect the public and the crime scene and control the changes made to the crime scene to the best of their ability.

Collection of Devices and Seizure

This module will explain completely different ways and devices of monitoring and tracking of data and evidence during investigation.

Chain of custody

The module of CoC “Chain of Custody” will  cover all legal contexts of chronological documentation procedures that records the sequence of custody, control, & crime case analysis.

Crime Scene Tools (Rugged Devices)

This module will cover details of those investigation & surveillance equipment used by cyber crime investigators for investigation.


Forensics Phases

This module of a  training program will cover the different forensic phases – evidence collection, analysis, theory development and validation, suspect identification, etc. 

Data Extraction from seized devices

This module will cover the processes, entire legal considerations of data & evidence extraction from digital seized devices.

Data Analysis

This module of data analysis will involve systematic methods for identifying and analyzing patterns and trends in crime and investigation.


This module of the training program will cover the intent & analysis of the crime report and specifies the mission of the investigation.

Expert Witness

This module will cover the details & testimonies of expert witnesses that can have a tremendous influence on the final decision & judgement in crime investigation


Anti-Forensic Techniques

This module of training sessions will give details of Anti-Forensic Techniques & approaches used by cybercriminals to challenge evidence gathering and analysis processes.

Portable and Executable tools for easy examination

This training session will explain about  portable and frequently  implemented investigation equipment used for evidence analysis and examination.

Mobile Forensics

This program module will cover complete detailing & methodologies of particular digital forensics related to the recovery of digital evidence from mobile devices.

Virtual Machine Analysis

This module session will include the analysis procedure through a virtual machine used to simulate an ideal environment replica of the original environment to see how a malware sample interacts with a real system.

Types of mistakes lawyers or IT professionals make that can corrupt, alter, or destroy evidence that is key to investigations.

This module will explain about primary and major mistakes, errors, etc done by working professionals to hide or destroy evidence.

IT Act 2000

This session of training program will cover complete details of Information technology Act 2000 as a primary law dealing with cybercrime and e-commerce.

Why learn from us?

This may be the first question coming to your mind that who are we to teach you? Let’s clear that by showing you some of our achievements in the field and making you familiar with our already running programs.

Amit Singh

Cyber Security Expert

Amit Singh is active in this field for the last 8 years. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker from E C Council and a member of APDI ( Association of Private Detectives and Investigators) and WAD ( World Association of Detectives). He runs Cyber Security programs across India and has trained many corporate people, police personnel, students, and also in the defense department. He individually trained 200+ hackers under him and showed them the right path to follow in the Cyber Security Ethical Hacking, Digital forensic, and in the area of Digital Investigation.

Hardik Vyas

Security Analyst

Mr. Hardik Vyas is a professional Cyber Security Analyst. He is having experience of 2+ years in IT Security, VAPT. He has performed more than 150+ web security testing & 100+ mobile security testing.

His proficiency and competence in Vulnerability include Assessment and Penetration Testing of Web Applications and browsers. His field of experience comprises VAPT for various National, International as well as Private Organizations, Web application in Banking and Finance and has worked on a wide range of mobile applications in finance and banking sectors, Android and iOS mobile application penetration testing, working both, on network level as well as on application level.

He also works on public bug bounty platforms like BugCrowd and HackerOne. He has been appreciated and accredited for finding more than 250+ security vulnerabilities on their applications and submitted 1500+ security reports. Hardik is having a degree in Master’s of Technology with a specialization in Cyber Security from Rashtriya Raksha Shakti University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

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