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Cyber Attack
June 4, 2020

How GitHub untangled itself from the ‘Octopus’ malware that infected 26 software projects.

For GitHub, not all reports about malicious software on its platform are of equal importance. The company behind the popular software repository, where developers often share code rather than building it from…
Cyber AttackCyber SecurityProtect
June 4, 2020

New RangeAmp Attacks Threaten Major CDN Providers.

It has been recently identified that the HTTP protocol can be abused to amplify web traffic and bring down websites and content delivery networks (CDNs). Key findings. RangeAmp is a new…
Cyber Attack
May 25, 2020

Several Israeli sites down with malicious code

Thousands of Israeli websites have been defaced to display an anti-Israeli message and with malicious code attempting permission to access visitors’ webcams. More than 2,000 websites are believed to have…